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  • 18 oz Vinyl Over The Street Banner.

    18 oz Vinyl Over-The-Street-Banners

    18 oz Over-The-Street-Banners: Our best-selling, high quality 18 oz vinyl horizontal city street banners are true dual side printable with a block out built in to prevent reverse side image bleed over caused by light penetration. We finish our vinyl across-the-street banners with reinforced webbing and D-rings in the 4 corners for added strength and durability. Optional wind slits are available.


  • 18 Inch Wide Double Sided Pole Banner & Hardware Kit

    18″ Wide Double Sided Pole Banner and Hardware Kit

    Looking for a unique way of advertising your business, an upcoming event, or a new product launch? The 18” wide double sided pole banners from Easy Order Banners can be used for any of these promotions. Our banners offer you a way of taking advantage of the high visual impact and citywide exposure that streetlights offer. These poles are everywhere in a city, but few businesses take advantage of the advertising space they offer. You can easily take your message to the streets with our custom pole banners.


    The Perfect Size for Your Ad

    Our pole banners are available in several sizes. The 18” option is the smallest, but that doesn’t mean it won’t grab people’s attention. The heavy-duty vinyl we use ensures that these banners remain in great shape for as long as you need them. The high-quality premium inks we used to print full-color banners remain looking great and resist fading. When you purchase a banner with a hardware kit, you also get everything you need to attach these advertising tools to streetlights. Every banner includes pole pockets plus grommets on each corner to ensure they stay in place even in high winds. 


    Why Advertise on Streetlight Poles?

    Why should you hang dozens of pole banners instead of getting something like a large billboard? The biggest advantage banners have over something like a large billboard or window signs at your business is exposure. You can hang these banners all over your city. People will see them in multiple places. With a billboard, only those who pass by it will notice it. Our banners will help you more quickly spread the word about your upcoming event. With their vivid colors, durability, and ease of use, you’ll quickly see why we highly recommend these products. The Easy Order Banners design team can even help you nail the perfect design! Contact us today to get started.


  • 18 Inch Wide Double Sided Pole Banner Only

    18″ Wide Double Sided Pole Banner Only

    Looking for a great way of sharing an event or upcoming product launch? The 18” wide double sided pole banner from Easy Order Banners is a great way of promoting an event without doing a lot of continuing work. With these banners, all of the work is done upfront. You design the banner and then hang them around your city on streetlight poles. From there, they continue to passively advertise your event without any additional work from you and your team. It’s a great way of spreading the word across the entire city without doing a lot of extra work. It leaves you free to focus on other tasks that may require more of a time or manpower commitment.


    Why Buy Only the Pole Banner?

    We offer two options for our pole banners: you can purchase the banner only, or you can buy the banner and the hardware needed to hang it. However, if you have purchased from us in the past or already have the hardware, you likely don’t need any additional supplies. You can save money by purchasing the banner only. The hardware we provide is meant to last and to be reused, so you can protect your budget and save storage space by purchasing additional banners without the hanging kits. If you do need additional hardware, we can easily split orders and ship some 18” pole banners with hanging kits and some without. 


    How Easy Order Banners Can Help

    We do more than simply print banners. Our team can also assist you in determining the right size and can even assist you with the design. We can send you an advance email proof and work to correct anything you want changed before the final banners are printed. Whether you need some street light banners to advertise your company year-round or want a run of them to raise awareness of a specific event, we have you covered. We’re ready to get to work on your custom double sided pole banners today!


  • Yard Signs - 18" x 24" Full Color Coroplast Sign

    18″ x 24″ Full Color Coroplast Sign

    UV Printed 4mm White Coroplast

  • oversized-banner

    18oz Heavy Duty Oversized Vinyl Banners (300 sq ft+)

    Heavy Duty 18 oz Vinyl Banners Over 300 sq.ft. Easy Order Banners is the best place for custom 18 oz Large, Oversized Banners! All our Large Vinyl Banners are indoor/outdoor rated and guaranteed to last! Printed with the highest quality UV inks. (Discounts will automatically apply to sizes over 300 sq ft total)

  • Browse real estate stock feather flags

    1st Month Free Rent Feather Flag

    Econo Stock Feather Flags are the most cost effective way to advertise your retail business or large event. Our Swooper Flags are excellent for both indoor & outdoor use. Made from 4 oz polyester and guaranteed to last! Turn commuters … Read More
  • Close up view of 210g blockout fabric banner.

    210g Blockout Fabric Banners

    210g Fabric Blockout Banners. Indoor use only. One of our best sellers, these custom printed backdrop banners are made with low sheen premium fabric material designed to block light penetration and reduce glare. Ideal for stage production backdrop banners.
    *$40.00 minimum order on all fabrics


  • 210g Blockout Fabric Banners – Oversized

    Oversized 210g Blockout Fabric Banners. Recommended for indoor use or short term outdoor use. Low sheen premium fabric banner material designed to block light penetration and reduce glare.
    *$40.00 minimum order on all fabrics

  • 22x66 standard retractable banner stands - click to visit product page

    23 x 66 Standard Retractable Banner Stand

    Need a banner for one of your next events or to advertise in your shop? Our 23 x 66 Standard Retractable Banner Stand is a great option that will work for many different occasions. This banner is our smallest retractable banner option, but it still offers plenty of space for promoting your brand, providing information to readers, and much more.


    Uses for the 23 x 66 Retractable Banner Stand

    You can use these small retractable banners for a number of things. First, they can be very useful in a store to advertise specific products or specials. They take up very little space, but they are tall enough to catch a customer’s attention. Since they are not very wide, they don’t stick out. The back of the banner is fairly flat as well, so they can be positioned up against walls or product displays. 


    You can also use these banners to share information at trade shows or community events. While they may not be as effective at showcasing your brand name or drawing people in, they are perfect for outlining your services, providing product-specific information, or sharing your vision or mission statement.


    Your Options

    There are several ways you can customize your banner. While many people do choose vinyl as their banner material, we also offer polyester. You can purchase the full banner stand with the banner, or simply buy a new banner for use with a stand you already have. We also provide design services upon request. We will help you create the ideal banner that grabs people’s attention, conveys the information required, and looks great. Easy Order Banners offers a bulk discount option for those who need to purchase more than 20 retractable banners. Contact us via email or call us for more information or to get a quote.


  • 24 by 81 inch standard retractable banner stands

    24 x 81 Standard Retractable Banner Stand

    For those who need more space than our 23 x 66 banner stand offers, there is the taller 24 x 81 option. Coming in an just an inch wider, it still easily fits in many small spaces, up against walls, or next to a product display. However, this option is 15 inches taller, so it has that extra height that will help it stand out and be readable from a distance. These are ideal options for areas where there’s no other place to attach a banner. You can also create cohesive sets of banners that help strengthen a brand. For example, you could use pole banners to advertise across the city and these banner stand banners to advertise at a community event. By using the same design on both, people will be more likely to recognize you.


    Do You Need a Taller Banner?

    These 81-inch banner stands are more visible than the 66-inch option. The shorter banners are only about five and a half feet tall, which is shorter than most people. This means if anyone stands in front of the banner, most of the information on it will be blocked from view. These 81-inch banners, on the other hand, are nearly seven feet tall. At least the top foot will be visible to those around it, making it easier for people to recognize your brand. This can be very helpful if you’re using these banner stands at a crowded event or to help direct customers in your store. 


    Ready to Order?

    If you’re ready to order one of these taller banner options, we’re ready to help. Easy Order Banners can assist you with designing your banner and in creating a series of banners that all work together to promote your brand or your products. Contact us today to learn more or to get a quote.



  • 24 Inch Double Sided Pole Banner & Hardware Kit

    24″ Wide Double Sided Pole Banner and Hardware Kit

    Ready to advertise your business, event, or new product in a very easy and effective manner? Our 24” wide double sided pole banner with hardware kit allows you to spread information using the readily-available streetlights on your street, in your neighborhood, or across your entire city. All you have to do is hang these banners from the streetlight poles using the included hardware kit. Once that’s done, anyone who passes by will see your banner. This covers more range than a billboard or window signs hung in your store, and it doesn’t take a lot of time or manpower. 


    More Space, More Design Options

    Our 24” wide banners give you six inches of more space than our smallest 18” banners, so you have some additional room to play with design elements. While we do offer a larger option, many people do find that two feet of space is perfect for their graphics and text. Our pole banners can be printed up to 96 inches tall, so you have plenty of vertical space to work with, too. If you’re uncertain how to layout your banner, the Easy Order Banners design team is here to help. We will work with you to incorporate all of your ideas and needs into a great visual that will be informative and attention-grabbing.


    Hardware Option Included!

    You don’t need to supply any hardware to hang your pole banners. We’ve included everything you need in our hardware kit. You’ll receive two poles, two mounting brackets, and four steel bands along with instructions. Once hung, your pole banners will remain looking great for as long as you need them, even if they’re hit with high winds or other bad weather. The high-quality materials and inks we use ensure that your event or brand will continue to remain highly visible for the entire length of your advertising campaign. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to Easy Order Banners today.


  • 24 Inch Wide Double Sided Pole Banner Only

    24″ Wide Double Sided Pole Banner Only

    Our 24” wide double sided pole banners can be used to quickly raise brand awareness and spread news of an event across your city. These banners are available with or without the hanging kits. If you already have all of the hardware you need to attach them to streetlight poles, you don’t need to invest in it again. That’s why we offer the option to purchase the banner only—you save money and do not receive additional hardware that you don’t need. All of the hardware we offer is designed to be used multiple times and to withstand the weather year-round, so it only makes sense to purchase additional banners without the kits.


    The Benefits of Streetlight Pole Banners

    There are a few reasons why our double sided pole banners are useful for advertising events. First, they allow you to share information across a wide space. With a billboard, only those who pass by that specific location will learn about your event. But these pole banners can be placed across an entire area or city. You have much more coverage, which means more people will learn about your event or brand. Another benefit is that they can be reused. If you’re raising awareness of a brand or a seasonal activity that is not held on specific dates, you can reuse your banners every year or as often as you need. This increases your overall return on the investment. 


    Our Banners Are Designed to Last

    All of our banners are printed on durable, high-quality vinyl that is designed to be reused whenever possible. These banners are fitted with pole pockets that are designed to work with the hardware previously purchased, plus they have grommets on each corner seam to hold the banner in place. The UV inks will not fade over time and will withstand weeks of direct sunlight exposure. Your banners will look just as bright and vivid when you take them down as they did when you put them up! Have more questions? Contact Easy Order Banners today.