Make a great impression every time with professional, colorful, and high-quality tents and use them at your next promotional marketing event. Our premium full-color tents are great for all types of events and occasions. They are not just bold in color, but also very strong, durable, and built to last. With the capacity to print almost any custom design you want with our full-color printing process, they can become your perfect branding tool! Our custom design printing service lets you personalize your tent any way you want.

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  • Full color 10′ X 10′ canopy tent sample


    Looking for a big marketing tool that will get people’s attention? Well, here it is. We have just the thing you’re looking for. The endless possibilities of what you can do with a 10ft x 10ft canopy tent are numerous! If you’re trying to market your company, a product, or event this is a great way to get the attention you need. Our tents are brilliant. They help you market your business through the use of color and logos, and they can be used just about anywhere.


  • Full Color 10′ x 10′ Canopy Tent (Top Only)

    Tops for tents are most widely used for trade shows, sports events, and promotions. Brand your business with a major presence at ANY event, without worrying about inclement weather or the hot sun, while looking professional!

  • Full color 10′ X 15′ canopy tent with graphic of a beer bottle printed on the canopy


    Looking for additional space at the next trade show or exhibition?  Need a bit more shade to show off your product? Maybe you want to take it outside and talk with customers and prospects where they spend their time. The answer is a 10×15 full-color canopy tent! Whether for indoor or outdoor use, trade show display tents are the best solution when searching for additional space.

  • Full Color 10′ x 15′ Canopy Tent (Top Only)

    A full-color 10×15 canopy tent top is a great tool for promoting your brand. We all know that shade is necessary at outdoor events, and bright-colored tent canopies are a great way to attract attention to your booth or event. Instead of going with the boring white color, go ahead and have one printed with your message and logo.

  • Full color 10′ X 20' canopy tent sample


    A great way to have a successful outdoor event is to have a full-color canopy. With the best printing and materials, you can make your company logo shine and bring attention to what you’ve got going on. Customizing your canopy tent not only makes it stand out more but also helps people find what they’re looking for when they come to your booth during an outdoor event.


  • Full Color 10′ x 20′ Canopy Tent (Top Only)

    Tired of your boring old white tent top? Our full-color custom canopy tops are the solution! Whether you want to make a bold statement with your tradeshow booth or promote your brand at an outdoor event, our custom canopy tops are perfect for any occasion!

Features of our premium full-color tents

Our tents are made from heavy-duty 600D PU polyester. This 600D polyester is not only durable, but also flame retardant, waterproof and UV protection. Also, all our canopy tent tops are full color dye sublimated, which ensures the clear and crisp color. We provide a professional printing process that allows you to print almost any design on the tent. With our premium full-color printed tents, you can get all the exposure you need for your business or event.  Our custom design printing service lets you personalize your tent any way you want.

  • full-color-dye-sublimation-iconFull-color dye sublimation
  • flame-retardant-iconFlame retardant
  • water-proof-iconWater proof
  • uv-protection-iconUV protection

Why you should use our premium full-color tents

There are various reasons why you should use our full-color tents. For instance, they are the most reliable and durable outdoor tent available on the market today. The top of our tents is made from high-quality polyethylene with a waterproof thickness of 1800mm, which protects it from any type of weather. With a tensile strength, our premium full-color tents can withstand strong winds without any problem. Plus, the steel frame and the zippers are rust-resistant, which makes them highly resistant to both harsh weather and outdoor conditions. Please note, these frames must be staked down to prevent potential wind damage from the tent tumbling across the lawn or parking lot.

Our premium full-color printed tents are a great choice to serve as a high-level advertising tool for increasing your customer’s satisfaction and brand loyalty. They are perfect for company branding, product promotion, marketing campaigns, or special events. When you design an eye-catching tent with a strong message, it can become one of the most effective tools in your promotional