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  • Table Runner - 72 Inch Long Table Runner

    72″ Long Table Runner

    Out of our number of options in the table runners category, the smallest size that we have available for you is 72 inched long table runners, perfect for any conference, trade show, or marketing event. These table runners will give a unique look to your table and serve as a cheap and economical way to promote your business, product, or event.


    What We Offer?

    We offer the highest quality polyester fabric, that is fully customizable and full color, unlike many of our competitors. We have a full design staff in house ready to bid or assist you with an eye catching design. we offer a variety of widths available, depending on your table size preferences. You can choose between a width of 34 inches to 44 inches wide on these 72″ table runners. 


    Why Easy Order Banners?

    Our products are high quality, easy to use, and reusable on any occasion and we stand behind our quality. With an award winning design team, and our fantastic customer service, Easy Order Banners is your one stop shop for quality and affordability. Contact us today to learn more about branding your business.

  • 80 inch long table runner

    80″ Long Table Runner

    Table runners are best when paired with solid table throws to increase the significance of your promotions and advertise your brand.

    Usable for any kind of event, trade show, or even an informal conference, this 80 inches long table runner is easy to use, economical, and also very easy to reuse. These are completely machine washable. The best way to use a table runner is by pairing it up with a solid-colored table throw. Why? Because the solid colored table cover will fully cover your table, whereas the customized table runner alone, placed at the middle of the table, leaves parts of the actual table exposed.


    How to Use?

    It is apparent that you would want to clean your table cover after some days, so here we are at your service to advise you about some preventive measures that will benefit you to maintain the quality of your table throws and make it of use for a more extended period of time. It is not recommended to dry clean your printed table covers since there is a potential that the ink will be damaged and not retain its original color.  We use high quality polyester fabric to make the table cover, so it is very easy to wash by hand or machine wash cold delicate, using mild detergent. Individuals who need to order more than 20 table throws in one purchase can get the bulk discount. Contact us via email or phone to get more details on this.

  • Table Runner - 90 Inch Long Table Runner

    90″ Long Table Runner

    Looking for the biggest size of table runner collection to make the perfect choice for an extraordinary appearance on your grand evening? Choose our  90 inched long length. Make up the best combination at your wedding or any business conference by pairing up solid table throws with these fully customizable table runners.


    This 90-inch-long table runner comes in various widths ranging from 24 inches to 34 inches, a wide variety for you to choose from.


    What we Offer?

    For this table runner, you can use the option of a customized graphic design. Maybe you want to brand your startup, or display your company logo, or product.. We have a professional design team in house ready to help you create an award winning design.

    Our Services

    We at Easy Order Banners offer wholesale prices with the best comfort and quality. Not only that, but we also provide additional discounts for new customers, customers ordering in a bulk quantity, and all other kinds of additional services for the product. We take complete responsibility for our products and will be there to assist you every step of the way. 


    If you are ready to buy your fully customizable, full color, table runner, call us today or contact us via email for more information or to get a quote.

Need a printed, self-lined, or a customized narrow cloth that goes well with your table, adds a majestic touch to your decor, and also prevents any spill? Our collection of table runners is going to be the best fit for you. We at Easy Order Banners are dedicated to catering to your needs. No matter how small these things may be, we understand and recognize that these products must have the best quality to add to the perfection you want to achieve with your event planning. 


Why Use Table Runners?

First of all, the most significant advantage that a table runner offers you is the ease of use. You can very feasibly store such products in a safe space and use them when you are hosting a party or a family dinner, or a more commercial type of event. Not only that but table runners are also used casually on a daily basis. 


Secondly, the beauty these table runners add to your table and, in general, your space will be something incomparable, especially when you are using a unique theme-related table runner every time. For instance, if you are hosting a party in your garden in the summers, go for the seasonally-themed table runners with solidified colours.


Lastly, these table runners are handy for keeping your table clean and stain-free. Whether it is some gravy from the cooking pot or some drops of candle wax, we have got you covered. Visit Easy Order Banners today and choose from our vast range of table cloths that are easily washable without compromising the fabric quality. 


How to Use?

The best way to use a table runner is by pairing it up with a solid-coloured table throw. Why? Because the solid coloured table cover will cover your table from every edge and area, while the customized table runner placed at the middle of the table and on top of the solid table cover will give an aesthetic look.