High-Quality Retractor Banner Stands, Telescoping Banner Stands, and Economic X-Banner Stands. Order your banner display stands today!

Banners are a great way of getting your brand name out there, sharing information with your customers, directing traffic, and much more. One of the downsides of banners, though, is finding a place to hang them. That’s where the Easy Order Banners banner stands come in. Our banner stands make it incredibly easy to display a banner anywhere, even if you have no wall space or other area to hang them from. We offer several different banner stand options.

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are ideal for trade shows, community events, and other events where you need to build a temporary booth. They’re also great if you plan on moving banners around in your store often. They are highly portable. The stand collapses down into a small tube with a carrying strap, making it easy to carry anywhere. The banner rolls up inside the stand, so you don’t even have to reattach it before use.

Telescoping Banner Stands

Telescoping banner stands are ideal for creating large backgrounds or showcasing a large image. We offer eight foot and ten foot wide options, both of which are eight foot tall. These stands allow you to create large advertising opportunities, photo backdrops, and much more. The frame used to hang the banner completely disassembles and fits into a bag, so it can easily be packed into a vehicle or stored when not in use. 


Our third banner stand option is the X-Stand. These stands are also quite portable, and they’re also very durable and cost-effective. They get their name from the shape the arms made. The corners of the vertical banner are each held by a long arm that attach to a central support, forming an X when looked at from the back. These banners also fold down and fit into a convenient carrying bag that can be slung over a shoulder.