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  • Solid Table Throw - 6 Feet Wide - 4 Sides - Easy Order Banners

    6′ wide , 4-Sided Solid Color Table Throw

    One of the options available for you in our wide selection of solid table throws is that of a regular size table cover which is six inches wide and four-sided covered. It ensures maximum security and a fun space for kids to play hide and seek. This size is available in six different brilliant colours, namely white, black, yellow, red, green, and blue. Moreover, if you want some other shade or a slightly different colour, you can contact our customer support at any time. You can place an order for a different colour, and if functional or customizable, you will be provided with the cover in a brief span of time. 


    Solid table throws are a great and cheap way to make your space lively for any family event, a tradeshow, or a campaign at school. You and your child will have the best of experience using this table cover. Unlike other types of table throws that you might find on other platforms, our sold table throws are 100% machine washable. You do not have to put in the extra effort to scrub the stains with your hands. 


    Why Easy Order Banners?

    Why purchase your table throws from us? Firstly, we only offer the highest quality products. Our table throws will hold up through years of use. Our products are effortless to use and can also be reused without any problem. Moreover, there is a sustainable bag available with every table cover so that you can carry your favourite covers anywhere and everywhere. Second, our specialized team can help you create customized products, such as shaded clothes. Contact us today to know more.

  • Solid Table Throw - 8 Feet Wide - 4 Sides - Easy Order Banners

    8′ wide, 4-Sided Solid Color Table Throw

    Looking for large size in solid-coloured table throws with no logos, graphics, and simple decency? We have got you covered. Head over to the Solid Colored Bigger Table Throws to maximize your experience with this purchase, offering a great variety of colours, including white, black, red, green, blue, and yellow. Also, these products have a very short production turnaround of about 24 hours or even less. 


    It is made with 7 oz. Of polyester, this table cover hangs about two inches above the floor and gives a tidy appearance to your room as it has rounded stitched edges to cover all the sides of your eloquent table. 


    Where to use Solid Table Throws?

     These table throws are best for trade shows, exhibitions, or any presentations where you do not have any particular logo or graphics to be printed and simply require an easy-to-use product to arrange your stall on. It will also work best if you have to provide some services at a local level. Using a poster along with this solid-coloured table throw, you can quickly attract your audience and promote your services. Creating brand awareness using a table cover with no graphics may seem absurd, but once you try it, you will see that it is only for the best. 


    Ready to Order?

    If you’re ready to order one of these table covers, we’re also prepared to help. Easy Order Banners can assist you with designing your banner and in creating a series of banners that all work together to promote your brand or your products. Contact us today to learn more or to get a quote.

Need a soft and sharp-coloured table cover to brighten up your garden or your living space? Go for the solid table throw present in our variety under the table cover sections. Made with either a self-lined or plain fabric, this tablecloth captures elegance in its true essence. 

With no option of already printed material and no graphics, this type of table throw is available in a number of different vibrant colours at the Easy Order Banners website. 

What we Offer?

We at Easy Order Banners ensure that you have the best of experiences when you purchase from our plethora of options. Our products are built to last and made with the best fabric and polyester. Moreover, we assist our clients 24/7 in case of any queries and complaints regarding their purchases. 


Our solid-coloured table covers are very low maintenance as they can be easily washed in a machine, and no need to iron as they are tangle-free at all times. You can choose your favourite colour corresponding to the event you are planning to organize. It will enhance your décor with a matching table cover that has an aesthetic appeal.  

Our Services

Our solid-coloured table throws can be customized in several ways. First, Easy Order Banners offers design services to help you create the perfect experience for your customers. You can also select from several material options, and we even offer a 24-hour turnaround time if you need a banner quickly. Contact us today to learn more or get an email quote.