Custom Feather Flags

Straight Sail Sign Feather Flags

Looking for a unique flag to direct traffic, promote your brand, or share a message with the world? The Easy Order Banners straight sail sign feather flag is a good option. Our straight sail design combines the bottom part of a rectangular banner with the curved top of a feather flag. This can be helpful if you need more space at the bottom of a flag for information such as a phone number, website, or email address. The top of the flag still curves outward, though, so it has that more natural look to it and can be used to direct the eye.


Designing for a Sail Sign Feather Flag

Designing for one of these straight sail sign feather flags is easier than some of the other feather flags due to the design. It has a straight edge at the bottom, while it does curve outward at the top. This means you can mostly design for a rectangular flag with a few modifications. If you need any help, the Easy Order Banners designers are here to assist.


These Versatile Flags Can Be Used Anywhere

The durable materials we use in our feather flags mean you can use them indoors or outdoors for long periods of time. The inks withstand fading, while the polyester will not easily rip or tear. The stands are also made from heavy-duty materials and will remain upright in many weather conditions. You have the option of purchasing a stand with a ground spike for outdoor use or one with a scissor base for indoor or sidewalk use. You can also add a water bag on top of the feet to provide additional weight and stability.


If you’re looking for a new way of promoting your brand or need signage for an event, feather flags can be the ideal solution. They are effective and get a good return on investment.

* Please note that this product ships at a flat rate and should be received 2-3 days after production. If you require your item sooner, please call us at (800) 920-9527 to discuss options. We’d love to help you meet your deadline!

Straight Feather Flag Sizes

Small Flag:       25.59″ Width x 78.74″ Height
Medium Flag:  27.56″ Width x 118.11″ Height
Large Flag:       31.5″ Width x 149.61″ Height

Bring in new customers and grab their attention with these highly visible custom outdoor sail signs ranging from 6′ all the way up to 14′ tall.

These are NOT your cheap flimsy flags that get twisted so bad that you can’t read them, or that fade within a couple months.  These are PREMIUM outdoor sail signs at economy pricing!

*Feather flag stand sold separately


Straight Advertising Flag features include: 

  • Full Color Digitally Printed
  • Available in single-sided or double-sided
  • Premium 110g Polyester Material (single side)
  • Premium 100D Polyester Material (double side with block out)
  • Premium Fiberglass Pole
  • Carry Bag
  • 1 year warranty
  • Many optional bases to choose from

*For quantities above 20 sail flag banners, please contact us directly at 800-920-9527 for a discounted rate on product and shipping!

Additional information

Dimensions 5.08 × 0.75 × 0.75 ft

Custom Straight Feather Flag Templates

Large Single Sided

Large Double Sided

Medium Single Sided

Medium Double Sided

Small Single Sided

Small Double Sided

Note: Please download and use our most recent and appropriate feather flag template you will need to provide us with print ready artwork.

Safety Margin: Please keep important graphic content within the inner line.