Our Full Color, Custom Fitted Table Covers provide a form fitted look with tight corners and straight lines that command a professional presence! Print everywhere on the entire surface or just a basic front logo! Order your Custom Printed 6′ or 8′ Fitted Table Cover Today!

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  • Fitted Table Throw - 6 Feet Wide - 3 Sides

    6′ wide, 3-Sided Fitted Table Throw

    Our 6′ 3-sided fitted table covers offer the most professional look by providing straight, right angle corners. They are perfect for trade shows and just about any event!  The open back side allows for easy access to under table storage and leaves room for your legs when sitting behind it.  A great choice for the budget minded! Customize yours today!

  • Fitted Table Throw - 6 Feet Wide - 4 Sides

    6′ wide, 4-Sided Fitted Table Throw

    There’s no better way to get a group of people interacting with your product than displaying your logo or catchy phrase on a professional looking 6′ fitted table cover. Stop running around trying to find potential clients and let the eager ones come to you! Catch their eye with a compelling message or visial art, custom printed on your table cover! Not only do companies use these popular table covers at trade shows, but they are also becoming more and more fashionable at hotels, resorts and country clubs as caterers are using these instead of table skirting.  The uses are endless, customize yours today!

  • Fitted Table Throw - 8 Feet Wide - 3 Sides

    8′ wide, 3-Sided Fitted Table Throw

    Whether your 8′ table is old or new, these fitted table throws will do the job beautifully by giving it a tasteful and professional look. Our 8′ Fitted Table Throws give your table a smooth and neat appearance. With the open back, you can comfortably sit behind the table without the tablecloth getting in the way, while having easy access to your gear or additional marketing material. With so many uses, what are you waiting for?……Customize yours today!

  • Fitted Table Throw - 8 Feet Wide - 4 Sides

    8′ wide, 4-Sided Fitted Table Throw

    With their smooth finish and straight lines, these 8′ wide custom printed, fitted table covers are sleek and professional.  They let your clients know, your business is here to stay!  Perfect to introduce your company at conventions, events, and trade shows. Hotel caterers and food and beverage departments are choosing customized eight foot long fitted table throws to conceal their tables for buffet lines, while branding their firm. Utilize these sharp table covers at welcome booths, trade shows, and other venues while hiding your gear under the table, completely out of sight!  Customize yours today!