Looking for an eye-catching way to promote your event or business? Over-the-street banners are perfect for community gatherings like food festivals, art fairs, and farmers’ markets because they grab attention from afar and ensure tons of people can see your message.


At Easy Order Banners, we manufacture our custom over-the-street banners to meet the highest standards, ensuring durability and compliance with community zoning regulations.

Buy Custom Over-the-Street Banners to Maximize Event Visibility

Over-the-street banners are an effective and affordable solution for high-impact outdoor advertising. Our banners are not only able to withstand the elements, making them perfect for long-term use in any weather, but they are also printed with high-quality UV inks to resist fading and ensure vibrant colors for the life of your banner. With reinforced webbing, D-rings in all corners, and optional wind slits, these banners are built to last and perform in the most demanding conditions.


We can accommodate your request whether you need a standard size or a custom dimension. Our most popular material is durable 18-oz vinyl, which provides extra strength and longevity for your outdoor banners. Additionally, double-sided printing is available, ensuring your message is visible from all directions.

Custom Over-the-Street Banners That Are Built to Last!

All of our over-the-street banners are weatherproof and designed for outdoor use. Each banner features a double-stitched or heat-welded hem, with grommets reinforced by two layers of PVC material. For added durability, especially in windy conditions, we offer reinforced webbing around the hemmed areas. Our commitment to quality and fast turnaround times means you’ll get a banner that meets and exceeds your expectations.

How To Upload A Design For Your Custom Over-the-Street Banner

Easy Order Banners offers FREE, UNLIMITED STORAGE for all your artwork files! Set up your online account or place your first order to store your designs securely. Access your files anytime by logging into your account from anywhere!


Follow our pre-press guidelines to ensure your order is processed without delays. Digital files are preferred, and adhering to our specifications will guarantee the highest quality print for your custom over-the-street banner.

Common Uses for Over-the-Street Banners
  • Community Event Banners
  • Festival Banners
  • Farmers’ Market Banners
  • Art Fair Banners
  • Parade Banners
  • Seasonal Celebration Banners
  • Advertising Banners
  • Promotional Banners
Over-the-Street Banner Care Instructions General Care

Proper care and maintenance can significantly extend the life of your banner. Clean your banner using water, mild soap, and a non-scratch cloth. Avoid chemical cleaners that may damage the ink.


Keep the shipping box to store your banner when not in use. Always roll the banner with the ink facing inward and store it in a cool, dry place—use vertical storage to maintain the banner’s rolled position and prevent creasing. Avoid folding the banner, especially ink-on-ink contact, to prevent ink transfer.

Care When Hanging Your Banner Outside

Proper installation is crucial for over-the-street outdoor banners. Use all provided grommets to distribute tension evenly and prevent damage. Heavy-duty tie straps or bungees are recommended, especially in windy areas, to help absorb wind load. For additional security, opt for reinforced webbing around the perimeter of the banner.


If you have any questions or would like a custom quote for your over-the-street banner, call us today at 800-920-9527 or send us an email. We’re here to help you create an over-the-street banner that stands out, lasts, and attracts!

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  • 18 oz Vinyl Over The Street Banner.

    18 oz Vinyl Over-The-Street-Banners

    18 oz Over-The-Street-Banners: Our best-selling, high quality 18 oz vinyl over-the-street banners are true dual side printable with a block out built in to prevent reverse side image bleed over caused by light penetration. We finish our vinyl across-the-street banners with reinforced webbing and D-rings in the 4 corners for added strength and durability. Optional wind slits are available.


  • 9 oz Mesh Over The Street Banners

    9 oz Mesh Over-The-Street-Banners

    9 oz Mesh Over-The-Street-Banners: Our premium 9 oz Heavy Duty Mesh over-the-road banners make fantastic community event banners in windy conditions. With a 75% printable material and 25% wind pass-through, these 9 oz mesh horizontal street banners ensure stability in adverse weather conditions by allowing the wind to pass through, relieving the excess tension on the banner’s mounting points. Winds slits are not needed with mesh banners, and do not breakup your message like the semi-circle wind slits on 18 oz banners will do.