Over the Street Banners

9 oz Mesh Over-The-Street-Banners

9 oz Mesh Over-The-Street-Banners: Our premium 9 oz Heavy Duty Mesh over-the-road banners make fantastic community event banners in windy conditions. With a 75% printable material and 25% wind pass-through, these 9 oz mesh horizontal street banners ensure stability in adverse weather conditions by allowing the wind to pass through, relieving the excess tension on the banner’s mounting points. Winds slits are not needed with mesh banners, and do not breakup your message like the semi-circle wind slits on 18 oz banners will do.


Mesh and Vinyl Over-The-Street-Banners are great for:

  • Boulevard Banners
  • Fall Festival Banners
  • Community Event Banners
  • Corporate Event Banners
  • Religious Event Banners
  • Holiday Season Banners
  • Over-The-Road-Banners
  • Street Banners
  • Avenue Banners
  • Double-sided Banners
  • Single-Sided Banners