These Premium, Custom Advertising Feather Flags will greatly increase the visibility of your message and attract new customers! We have many styles to choose from. Purchase your Custom Feather Flag today!

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  • Angled sail sign feather flags

    Angled Sail Sign Feather Flags

    Our angled sail sign feather flags are great for grabbing customers’ attention. Whether you use them in your retail space, at a trade show, or at an event, these unique angled signs are sure to stand out. We offer a variety of different options, including size, stand type, and more. With one of these feather flags, you’re sure to stand out from your competitors. They’re also a great way of showcasing sales in-store or directing your customers to specific areas.


    Angled Feather Flag Sizes

    Small Flag:       25.59″ Width x 78.74″ Height
    Medium Flag:  27.56″ Width x 118.11″ Height
    Large Flag:       31.5″ Width x 149.61″ Height

    Bring in new customers and grab their attention with these highly visible custom printed feather flag banners ranging from 6′ all the way up to 12′ tall.

    These are NOT your cheap flimsy feather pole flags that get twisted so bad that you can’t read them, or that fade within a couple months. These are PREMIUM angled flag banners at economy pricing!

    *Feather flag stand sold separately


    Angled Advertising Flag features include: 

    • Full Color Digitally Printed
    • Available in single-sided or double-sided
    • Premium 110g Polyester Material (single side)
    • Premium 100D Polyester Material (double side with block out)
    • Premium Fiberglass Pole
    • Carry Bag
    • 1 year warranty
    • Many optional bases to choose from

    *For quantities above 20 flags, please contact us directly at 800-920-9527 for a discounted rate on product and shipping!


    Customize Your Signage

    An angled sail sign already stands out due to its unique shape, but the Easy Order Banners team is ready to work with you to create a truly stand-out marketing piece. We offer both single-sided and double-sided printing options. All of our feather flags are printed with vibrant, bright inks that don’t fade. Our angled signs also come in a variety of heights. The shortest is still a nice eight feet tall, which means it’s going to be easily seen in your store. If you’re competing with others for the attention of customers, such as at a trade show or other event, you may want to go with a taller flag. Our largest is 16 feet tall and is sure to make you stand out. We also have several different stand options, including a basic ground spike. If you’re expecting heavy winds when doing outdoor events, though, you may want one of our scissor bases (light or heavy weight) and may want to add a water bag to help keep everything in place.


    Why Use Angled Sail Sign Feather Flags?

    Why use one of these flags instead of a banner or other option? Angled flags simply have a different shape to them and are more unique than standard rectangular banners. It may not seem like much, but they can truly give an area a very different feel to it. Some people find the curved stand more elegant, while others find the shape of the flag allows them to create more visually interesting graphics. Either way, you may find that one of these feather flags is perfect for your needs.

    * Please note that this product ships at a flat rate and should be received 2-3 days after production. If you require your item sooner, please call us at (800) 920-9527 to discuss options. We’d love to help you meet your deadline!

  • Concave sail sign feather flags

    Concave Sail Sign Feather Flags

    Our concave sail sign feather flags provide a slightly different look to our feather flag design. These flags arc at the bottom rather than simply angle upwards, which gives them a softer look overall. It’s a subtle difference, but every small detail counts when you’re working to create a comprehensive look and style. Every detail is important, even if it’s something as minor as the curve at the bottom of a flag. People may not consciously recognize this, but unconsciously, they will pick up on it. 


    Where Can You Use Feather Flags?

    The Easy Order Banners feather flags have a wide number of uses. Some people like to place them outside of their business to draw in customers. They can be a great way of showcasing your brand. For example, a café may want to place a feather flag every five feet around the edge of their outdoor eating area. A retail establishment may use these flags indoors to showcase a sale section or other special. They’re also a great way of directing attendees at events, too. You can use a concave sail sign feather flag to label the registration table, point attendees in the direction of specific areas, and more. 

    What Designs Can Be Printed on Concave Sail Feather Flags?

    We can print any design you want. All of our feather flags are printing in color using UV inks that are very fade resistant. We can print both single-side and double-sided, and you have the entire space to work with. There are no print edges or other issues that cause you to lose usable print space. Whether you simply want to include your logo and business name or want to include a photograph and contact information, there’s nothing we can’t print on these signs. The Easy Order Banners design team can even help you translate your ideas into a printable design if you need help.


    * Please note that this product ships at a flat rate and should be received 2-3 days after production. If you require your item sooner, please call us at (800) 920-9527 to discuss options. We’d love to help you meet your deadline!

  • Convex sail sign feather flag with the caption "flutter in the wind with eye-catching movement"

    Convex Sail Sign Feather Flags

    Using a convex sail sign feather flag is a good way of getting attention, promoting your brand, and letting your clients and customers know where things are. These flags are similar to other feather flags, but the convex option is rounded at the bottom. This gives it a slightly different look than other options. It creates a smoother, somewhat softer line for the eye to follow, plus it actually gives you a little more space for graphics and other information than options like the angled feather flags


    The Benefits of a Convex Sail Feather Flag

    Why use an Easy Order Banners convex sail sign feather flag? There are a few benefits to these unique marketing tools. First, the design is smoother on the eyes and helps direct the eye upwards. Compare the curved, flowing lines of a feather flag to the hard angles of a rectangular banner—the first directs the eye and doesn’t require as many hard changes in direction. Our feather flags also come with two different base options. You can go with a spike base if you plan on using these flags outdoors in an area where you can drive the base into the ground. On the other hand, for indoor or sidewalk use, you can select a scissor base. These bases come in light weight and heavy weight options, and we can include a water bag to add additional weight if you need it.


    We Guarantee Quality

    Easy Order Banners is dedicated to providing all of our customers with the highest quality products available. The materials used in our feather flags is durable and will stand up to repeated outdoor use. The UV inks we use to print the designs on these flags are highly fade resistant, too, so your flags will continue to showcase your bright, vivid graphics even after weeks or months in direct sunlight. The stands are also very high quality and can withstand the weather and heavy use.

    * Please note that this product ships at a flat rate and should be received 2-3 days after production. If you require your item sooner, please call us at (800) 920-9527 to discuss options. We’d love to help you meet your deadline!

  • Rectangle sail sign flag

    Rectangle Sail Sign Flags

    Our rectangle sail sign flags provide a large amount of space for sharing information, graphics, or simply raising your brand awareness. These flags are available in signs ranging for seven feet tall up to fourteen feet tall and are over 27 inches wide. That’s a large amount of space, so you have plenty of room for your graphics and text. The rectangular banners are also more of a standard shape when compared to our other feather flag options, which does make them a little easier to design for. The other feather flags do require understanding the shape of the flag and taking that into account.


    Pick the Option that’s Right for You

    Do you need a seven-foot flag, a ten-foot flag, or the large fourteen-foot option? Whichever you need, we can create it and provide the hardware necessary to display it as well. We can print rectangle sail sign flags that are single or double-sided, plus we have several different base options. For outdoor use where you plan on using the flags on grass or other soil, you can select the stand with a ground spike that is driven into the ground. For indoor use or for spaces where driving a spike into the soil isn’t an option, we offer scissor bases that fold up for convenient transportation. These bases can be weighed down with optional water bags, too.


    Need Help with the Design?

    While rectangle flags may be easier to design, that doesn’t mean you will instantly have the perfect layout for your flag. We have many customers who aren’t designers and need a little help translating their ideas into finished products. The Easy Order Banners design experts are available to work with you to create a flag that perfectly promotes your brand, event, or product. It doesn’t matter what you need your flags for—we will help you create the perfect marketing tool.

    * Please note that this product ships at a flat rate and should be received 2-3 days after production. If you require your item sooner, please call us at (800) 920-9527 to discuss options. We’d love to help you meet your deadline!



  • Straight sail sign feather flag

    Straight Sail Sign Feather Flags

    Looking for a unique flag to direct traffic, promote your brand, or share a message with the world? The Easy Order Banners straight sail sign feather flag is a good option. Our straight sail design combines the bottom part of a rectangular banner with the curved top of a feather flag. This can be helpful if you need more space at the bottom of a flag for information such as a phone number, website, or email address. The top of the flag still curves outward, though, so it has that more natural look to it and can be used to direct the eye.


    Designing for a Sail Sign Feather Flag

    Designing for one of these straight sail sign feather flags is easier than some of the other feather flags due to the design. It has a straight edge at the bottom, while it does curve outward at the top. This means you can mostly design for a rectangular flag with a few modifications. If you need any help, the Easy Order Banners designers are here to assist.


    These Versatile Flags Can Be Used Anywhere

    The durable materials we use in our feather flags mean you can use them indoors or outdoors for long periods of time. The inks withstand fading, while the polyester will not easily rip or tear. The stands are also made from heavy-duty materials and will remain upright in many weather conditions. You have the option of purchasing a stand with a ground spike for outdoor use or one with a scissor base for indoor or sidewalk use. You can also add a water bag on top of the feet to provide additional weight and stability.


    If you’re looking for a new way of promoting your brand or need signage for an event, feather flags can be the ideal solution. They are effective and get a good return on investment.

    * Please note that this product ships at a flat rate and should be received 2-3 days after production. If you require your item sooner, please call us at (800) 920-9527 to discuss options. We’d love to help you meet your deadline!

  • Tear drop sail sign flag

    Tear Drop Sail Sign Flags

    A tear drop sail sign flag is a great way of getting customers’ attention, providing information, or raising brand awareness. These flags have a unique tear drop shape that starts out very narrow at the bottom but becomes fairly spacious towards the top. This does mean that they do not provide as much room as a rectangle banner or other option, but their unique shape does make them stand out. They’re very useful in areas where you don’t have a lot of room for a banner or other display. 


    Uses for Tear Drop Sail Sign Flags

    These uniquely shaped signs can be used for a number of things. However, because they have smaller usable space than other options, they are often used for signage. For example, you could use a tear drop flag to indicate the registration table at an event, to denote water stations at a marathon, or to let people know which room your event is in. While there is less space to work with, that doesn’t mean you can’t include information such as a logo, your company name, and other information. Our design team is here to help you get the most out of every square inch of your banner, regardless of what size it is or what information you need to share.


    Flag Options

    Easy Order Banners offers a number of different options for tea drop sail sign flags. We have three sizes available: small (7 foot), medium (11 foot) and large (16 foot). While the smaller two sizes may be great for indoor use, the large 16-foot flag can be perfect for outdoor events. You can have the flags printed on one or both sides, plus we offer several different base designs. Our team is also available to assist with flag design. Contact us today to learn more.  

    * Please note that this product ships at a flat rate and should be received 2-3 days after production. If you require your item sooner, please call us at (800) 920-9527 to discuss options. We’d love to help you meet your deadline!


Are you on the lookout for custom flag signs for your business? Here at Easy Order Banners, we have premium custom advertising feather flags you can put around your business to get noticed. Boost your visibility with one of our six styles, and feel secure knowing that your custom flag sign comes with a fiberglass pole, which is stronger and more durable than aluminum poles. You simply have to set up the flag and attach it to the ground. The feather flag will do the rest!

Custom Flag Signs Attract Customers

Buildings can easily blend together, especially when a customer is driving. So, you need to have a way to show your customers exactly where you are. Custom feather flag signs can show your front door and provide visual appeal for customers who may be trying to locate you. Let your customers know when you are open so they can come in and get your products and services any time they need to. You can pick the shape you enjoy most, or even one that relates to your business so that your customers connect that sign to you each time they see it.
Easy Order Banners Has Custom Feather Flag Signs for Your Business

No matter what message you want to get out to your audience, our custom feather flags can help. We have several styles, colors, and messages to choose from. Go with a traditional feather, a teardrop shape, or even a straight bottom, just to get noticed. We have six distinct shapes for you to choose from so you can ensure your feather flag looks and behaves the way you want. Trust on the durability you get when you order an Easy Order Banner custom feather flag today! We have been helping businesses get noticed for many years. Use our custom feather flags to get your business noticed, too.