Economical X-Stands are a great, low cost way to achieve high impact with your prospects. All X-Banner Stands are UV printed at 720 dpi on 13 oz Vinyl Banners. Order Your X-Frame Banner Sign Stands Today!

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  • 24 by 63 inch x-stands

    X-Stand 24″ x 63″

    Our smaller X-stand measures 24 x 63, giving you a good amount of space to display your company logo, advertise a product, or provide instructions or information to your customers or guests. These banner stands are free-standing and can be used anywhere. The support leg provides all of the balance the stand requires, so you don’t need to place it against a wall or any other support. Unlike our retractable banner stands, though, the X-stand’s support leg does require a little more space. This means this banner stand style may not be ideal if you need to place your banners up against a wall or product display. 


    Uses for an X-Stand

    Even though you cannot place it right against a wall, there are still many uses for an X-stand display. They are ideal for taking to trade shows, lobby exhibits, community events, and many other events where you may need to share information, direct traffic, or promote your brand. Because they do not require any other support, you can put up a X-stand anywhere. Unlike some banner stand options, the full 24 x 63 space is visible when using a X-stand. There’s no need to carefully plan for anything other than the grommet holes at the four corners of the banner that are needed to attach it to the stand.


    Is This the Right Size?

    We do offer two different sizes for X-stands. The larger option measures 32 x 71, so it is both wider and taller. To determine the correct size for you, consider what you plan on using the banners for. If it’s for something such as sharing information at a trade show or other use where people will stand near the banner to read it, the smaller size may be the most effective. On the other hand, if you need to draw someone’s attention from across the room or have a large amount of information to share, the larger size may be the better option. 

  • 32 by 71 inch X-stands

    X-Stand 32″ x 71″

    Looking for a way to display a banner at an event? Our large X-stand banner display can hold banners measuring 32 x 71, so you have plenty of space to display graphics, information, and other content. These large banner stands are ideal for use in lobbies, trade shows, community events, and even in stores or offices. 


    The Advantages of an X-Stand

    There are several reasons why an X-stand may be the right option for you, whether you need our smaller 24 x 63 X-stand or this 32 x 71 option. The first advantage is that you can quickly and easily swap out banners. If your banner has grommets placed in the four corners and is the right size, you simply slip each for the stand arms through the holes. This means it’s very easy to swap banners as needed, even during the event. Another advantage is that this stand can be set up anywhere. The built-in support leg is capable of holding the banner steady indoors or outdoors on level ground. The stand folds up and can be placed in the included travel bag for transportation between events and for storage. 


    Are X-Stand Banners the Right Option for Your Needs?

    X-stand banners can be ideal for many events. You can use them to direct people to specific rooms, share information, or simply promote your brand or a product. This particular option is tall enough that it can be easily seen across a room, which makes it ideal for promotional needs. However, due to the supporting leg, the X-stand does need a little more space than some of our other options. It’s also not a good option for large banners. Easy Order Banners is here to help you find the right size and style banner stands for your needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Looking for a way to display a tall banner? In addition to our retractable banner stands, Easy Order Banners also offers X-stands. These stands are perfect for displaying informative banners, promotional signage, and much more. They are also portable and can be easily transported to event sites or moved around a store as needed. 


How to X-Stands Work?

These standards are very easy to set up. When unfolded, the four arms that hold the banner form an X shape. You unfold these arms, then fold down the legs that support the banner stand. You can adjust the X arms as necessary to tightly hold your banner. Any banner you have that’s the correct size and has grommet holds on the four corners can be displayed using one of these X-stands. The banner is attached and detached each time you use the stand, unlike with a retractable banner stand. This makes it easier to switch out the banners quickly. Also, with retractable stands, some of the banner at the top and bottom is not visible. That’s not the case with an X-stand. 



Like with most of our banner stands, we have several different X-stand options. The first is 24 x 63, while the second is larger and holds banners of 32 x 71. These banners are printed in high resolution on vinyl. While you can order banner stands with each banner, you can also order your banners individually without the stand. This can be perfect for those who have different banners for different events. There’s no need to store stands that you never need to use. 


We also help with design. We have a team of graphic designers who will work with you to create banner images that make the most of the space you have. Typically, we can turnaround a banner order within three days, but we also offer 24-hour services.