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  • 22x66 standard retractable banner stands - click to visit product page

    23 x 66 Standard Retractable Banner Stand

    Need a banner for one of your next events or to advertise in your shop? Our 23 x 66 Standard Retractable Banner Stand is a great option that will work for many different occasions. This banner is our smallest retractable banner option, but it still offers plenty of space for promoting your brand, providing information to readers, and much more.


    Uses for the 23 x 66 Retractable Banner Stand

    You can use these small retractable banners for a number of things. First, they can be very useful in a store to advertise specific products or specials. They take up very little space, but they are tall enough to catch a customer’s attention. Since they are not very wide, they don’t stick out. The back of the banner is fairly flat as well, so they can be positioned up against walls or product displays. 


    You can also use these banners to share information at trade shows or community events. While they may not be as effective at showcasing your brand name or drawing people in, they are perfect for outlining your services, providing product-specific information, or sharing your vision or mission statement.


    Your Options

    There are several ways you can customize your banner. While many people do choose vinyl as their banner material, we also offer polyester. You can purchase the full banner stand with the banner, or simply buy a new banner for use with a stand you already have. We also provide design services upon request. We will help you create the ideal banner that grabs people’s attention, conveys the information required, and looks great. Easy Order Banners offers a bulk discount option for those who need to purchase more than 20 retractable banners. Contact us via email or call us for more information or to get a quote.


  • 24 by 81 inch standard retractable banner stands

    24 x 81 Standard Retractable Banner Stand

    For those who need more space than our 23 x 66 banner stand offers, there is the taller 24 x 81 option. Coming in an just an inch wider, it still easily fits in many small spaces, up against walls, or next to a product display. However, this option is 15 inches taller, so it has that extra height that will help it stand out and be readable from a distance. These are ideal options for areas where there’s no other place to attach a banner. You can also create cohesive sets of banners that help strengthen a brand. For example, you could use pole banners to advertise across the city and these banner stand banners to advertise at a community event. By using the same design on both, people will be more likely to recognize you.


    Do You Need a Taller Banner?

    These 81-inch banner stands are more visible than the 66-inch option. The shorter banners are only about five and a half feet tall, which is shorter than most people. This means if anyone stands in front of the banner, most of the information on it will be blocked from view. These 81-inch banners, on the other hand, are nearly seven feet tall. At least the top foot will be visible to those around it, making it easier for people to recognize your brand. This can be very helpful if you’re using these banner stands at a crowded event or to help direct customers in your store. 


    Ready to Order?

    If you’re ready to order one of these taller banner options, we’re ready to help. Easy Order Banners can assist you with designing your banner and in creating a series of banners that all work together to promote your brand or your products. Contact us today to learn more or to get a quote.



  • 33 by 81 Standard Retractable Banner Stands

    33 x 81 Standard Retractable Banner Stand

    Easy Order Banners provides retractable banners and banner stand options for many different needs. For those who need their banners to be tall enough to be seen through a crowd and need a good amount of horizontal space, we offer a 33 x 81 standard retractable banner and banner stand. These banner stands are made from high quality materials and are designed to last for years. They also roll up and can be stored in the included aluminum case. This makes it very easy to transport these banners, plus it means they take up very little space when they’re not in use.


    Where Can These Banners Be Used?

    Our standard retractable banner stands and the banners that fit them can be used in a wide number of places. These 81-inch banners are tall enough that they cannot be completely blocked by people standing in front of them. With more horizontal space than some of our other options like the 23 x 66 banners, you can include more company information or a longer product description. 


    Many people use these banners at events as a way of promoting their brand, sharing information about their products and services, or displaying any other information or graphics needed. In a store setting, they can be used to point customers towards specific products, showcase a special, or even display menus and other information. There’s nothing that these banners can’t be used for. 


    Benefits of a Retractable Banner Stand

    While standard banners do have their uses, those mounted to banner stands have the benefit of being able to be used anywhere. You do not need a pole or any other support to hang your banner. Just take the banner stand out of the aluminum carrying case and extend it. The banner rolls up inside the display, so you don’t need to attach it. These banners are ready to go right out of the case. 



  • 47 by 81 Standard Retractable Banner Stands

    47 x 81 Standard Retractable Banner Stand

    Our largest retractable banner stand measures 47 by 81 and provides a large amount of space to showcase graphics, your company logo, or share information about your business, your products, and your services. While the banner measures 81 inches high, part of that space is hidden from view by the stand itself, leaving you with 77 inches of viewable space. The full 47-uinch width is visible, however, giving you more viewing space than any of our other banner stand options. 


    Go Big

    The 47 x 81 standard retractable banner stand is the largest retractable banner option we have. While it may not allow you to create a large backdrop like you could with one of our telescoping banner stands, it is much easier to assemble. All you need to do is remove the stand from its aluminum carrying case, swivel out the feet, and extend the back support. As you do so, the banner will unroll. Once that’s done, the banner stand is ready to use. 


    The size of this banner is perfect for logos, full-color images, or a combination of text and images. We offer 720 DPI that allows images to look great no matter how close or far someone is from the banner. The portability and ease of use makes this a good option for those who may not have the space for one of the larger stand options or need a banner option that one person can set up by themselves.


    Create the Banner that Fits Your Needs

    Easy Order Banners is here to help you create the custom banners that fit with your marketing plan and other needs. Whether you want them made from vinyl or polyester, need design assistance or already have the graphics prepared, we can help. We even over bulk discounts. Email us today to for a quote.



Our retractable banner stands are one of three banner stand options you can purchase from Easy Order Banners. These banners have a number of benefits, including being easily portable, that may make them the right choice for you. We offer four different options, can assist you with printing your banners, and even offer discounted prices for bulk orders of more than 20 banners.


Our Size Options

These retractable banner stands are often used in stores or at events to help direct people or advertise a product. Sometimes, you need something on the smaller end, which is why we offer 23 x 66 and 24 x 81 standard retractable banner options. These are great for promoting products or for sharing information with potential customers. Our larger sizes measure 33 x 81 and 47 x 81. These are more ideal for advertising your brand or getting someone’s attention.


The Advantages of Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are great for use at various events, including trade shows, that require you to build a booth or create a space that showcases your brand to potential customers. You may not always have wall space or any other way of hanging banners, so using banner stands is the only option. Our retractable stands are very easy to assemble. The banner itself rolls up inside the stand, and then the entire stand fits into a carrying bag with a strap that makes it very easy to carry. Banners can also be stored in these cases, so they take up very little space when not in use.


What We Offer

Our retractable banners can be customized in several ways. First, Easy Order Banners offers design services to help you with creating the perfect banner. You can also select from several material options, and we even provide a 24-hour turnaround time if you need a banner quickly. Contact us today to learn more or get an email quote.