Full Color Tents (Premium)


Looking for a big marketing tool that will get people’s attention? Well, here it is. We have just the thing you’re looking for. The endless possibilities of what you can do with a 10ft x 10ft canopy tent are numerous! If you’re trying to market your company, a product, or event this is a great way to get the attention you need. Our tents are brilliant. They help you market your business through the use of color and logos, and they can be used just about anywhere.


Unique features of our 10×10 tents

Our full-color canopy tent is a great marketing tool because of all the possibilities it brings.  Its full-color imprinting with outstanding color vibrancy provides a high visual impact from a distance. This tent is perfect for any event, expo, trade show, or marketing campaign you need to create. You can plan any type of party with our canopy tent, it’s easy to set up and take down so you can have a large shelter for your guests in just minutes. Besides, our tents are lightweight, easy to assemble and dissemble, and are made from high-quality materials.

Why choose this tent?

A full-color canopy tent is a great choice when looking for a large shelter. Not only does it have great features, but it also comes with the option of adding your logo or company name to the side in Full Color! We provide a wide range of professional printing options that suit your needs. Either way, our tents are sure to get your business out there and create a scene wherever you go!

These tents are brilliant, they make a great marketing tool for any business or event. You can set up your tent just about anywhere you want and its lightweight construction makes it easy to move around.  Its 10ft x 10ft size is large enough to fit anywhere you need it to, plus wherever this tent goes attention will follow.

  • full-color-dye-sublimation-iconFull-color dye sublimation
  • flame-retardant-iconFlame retardant
  • water-proof-iconWater proof
  • uv-protection-iconUV protection

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Canopy Tents, Full and Half-wall Templates

10' x 10' Canopy Tent Templates

10' x 15' Canopy Tent Templates

10' x 20' Canopy Tent Templates

Note: Please download the proper size template you will need to provide us with print ready artwork.

Safety Margin: Please keep important graphic content within the inner line.

Prepress Requirements:

Design/Scan artwork @ 1”=1’ (1/12 scale) size


Art must be submitted to scale with and equivalent of 100dpi at full size. (e.g. 10’ x 8’ banner Acceptable options- A: 120” x 96” @100dpi or B: 10”x8”@1200dpi)

Colorspace: CMYK
Specific Color Notes:

Black should be “Rich Black”: C:60M:60:Y60:K:100

Blues should have at least a 25% difference between Cyan and Magenta values

e.g C:100, M:75, Y:0, K:0. Less than a 25% different will result in a purple hue.

Spot Color:

Spot (PMS) colors can help in the design and printing process of your job, as spot (pms) colors can be referenced to a Pantone “Swatch Book”. We will print as close to designated colors as possible. It is important to note however that all printing is done in the Process color model using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black ink. Not all colors can be matched 100% in four-color process

Acceptable Formats: pdf, .tiff, .jpg., .ai, .eps

*If artwork does not meet requirements it will be either rejected or subject to prepress design fees. Note: All the software programs we use are latest edition.

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