Fabric Banners

210g Blockout Fabric Banners

210g Fabric Blockout Banners. Indoor use only. One of our best sellers, these custom printed backdrop banners are made with low sheen premium fabric material designed to block light penetration and reduce glare. Ideal for stage production backdrop banners.
*$40.00 minimum order on all fabrics



PREMIUM Dye Sublimation Personalized Backdrop Printing. Indoor use only. Low Sheen Premium fabric banner material designed to block light penetration and reduce glare. Ideal for large stage backdrops, where light reflection could be a concern. Great for stage banners, band backdrops, trade show backdrops, church backdrop banners, etc. Many mounting options to choose!

Fabric Material Art RequirementsWe take pride in our quick and high quality turnaround time. Following the guidelines in this letter will help guarantee that your order will not be delayed in the prepress process. Digital files are always preferred. By following the list below you will get the maximum quality out of your artwork.

Prepress Requirements:

Design/Scan artwork@1”=1’(1/12 scale)size

Resolution:Art must be submitted to scale and equivalent to 100dpi at full size. (e.g. 10’*8’ banner Acceptable options-A:120”*96”@100dpi or B:10”*8”@120dpi)

Colorspace: Pantone(PMS) Color Preferred / CMYK
Pantone(PMS) Color Preferred:

Pantone(PMS) colors have a Pantone ”Swatch Book” to verify coloration, so it is preferred colorspace for your job, we will print as close to designated colors as possible.

Regarding your artwork and logos, if you have specific Pantone colors, please make sure you have them included in the artwork.

With the specific Pantone color we can match your colors so they come out just how you need them.

CMYK color:

We can also print based on CMYK color codes as well, however, as a disclaimer, we can’t be held liable if a color doesn't come out how you expect it if you don’t provide us with the corresponding Pantone color codes as well.

This is because different computer screens display colors differently and printers don’t always print just how it shows on the screen. We are not responsible for any CMYK colors printed out that not match exactly to your computer screen.

Because of this, we use Pantone (PMS) colors to match the colors, and also we recommend you to use Pantone(PMS) colors when building your art file. If you’re not sure what a Pantone color is, click below and read the 2nd section on “Pantone Color Matching System”.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantone.)

Acceptable Formats: pdf, .tiff, .jpg., .ai, .eps

If artwork does not meet requirements, our designer will ask for new format, or help to rebuild/redesign as per your art and send back for your approval. Once the final file is approved, then we will proceed to production.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-920-9527 or info@easyorderbanners.com