Canopy & Tent Accessories

Sand Bag

When investing in a canopy or tent, there are often accessories that come with the purchase to help you get the most out of your new product. One such accessory is a sandbag. Sandbags can be very useful and effective when used properly and some even come with their storage container and weight distribution system.

By adding sandbags to the legs of your tent, you can make the product more stable and secure by giving it a wider base. come with unique features such as:

They are long-lasting

We offer durable sandbags that are designed from long-lasting material. They come in a convenient storage tube for easy carrying and organization, making it simple for you to bring the sandbags wherever they might be needed. In addition, our canopy sandbag sets come with a weight distribution system to make the product more stable and secure. The sandbags are made from a high-quality material that is sure not to leave behind any type of residue after use.

They provide maximum protection for your tent

Our tent sandbags feature an outer layer that is made of PVC, which ensures these products will provide plenty of protection for your tent. The bags have a well-made drawstring for easy storage and transportation, as well as the ability to carry the bag around by its handle. Sandbags are a valuable accessory to invest in when you need to secure your product and maintain stability, making them great for any situation where that may be required.

As a bonus, our sandbags are also designed to protect your flooring. When you use the sandbag, it allows for more stable ground with less pitching and swaying. This can minimize trip hazards that may be caused by loose or unsecured items.