Canopy & Tent Accessories

10′ x 10′ Tent Frame

Do you want to create an impressive exhibit and a sense of style at an indoor or outdoor function either at home, in an event, or at a business meeting? The 10’x10′ tent frames are the best option that you should consider using. This durable tent frame features strong commercial aluminum hex legs, expandable roof crank, heavy-duty nylon adjusters, aluminum feet, telescopic legs with 5 height adjustments, and sturdy cross beams. 

Enticing features

Apart from the sturdy cross beams and an expandable roof crank, our 10×10 canopy frames are lightweight, easy to set up and contain heavy-duty nylon feet which protect absorb shocks and protect floors. It can be quite frustrating when you purchase a frame only for it to get broken or to bend within a short duration. Our custom canopy tent frames are durable and can withstand extreme natural elements such as strong winds. They are designed with super heavy-duty aluminum, this tent is designed to handle tough outdoor conditions.

What makes our tents unique?

Our 10×10 tent frames are stronger and more stable compared to other frames in the market. They contain adjustable leg heights which provide the desired flexibility in your event when it’s on concrete, grass, dirt, or even indoors. For enhanced rigidity, our tent frames contain sturdy cross beams with double-reinforced aluminum. Besides they contain a push-button locking system for easy height adjustments on the canopy top. 

Any time you want to create a stylish shelter in your compound, our 10×10 tent frame can help you lay down the foundation. They can be dissembled in minutes and even set up by only one person. With countless sidewall options and customization, our frames are a fantastic option that can make any event both indoor and outdoor special.

Additional information

Dimensions 5.66 × 1.16 × 1.16 ft