Canopy & Tent Accessories

Premium Trolley Bag

If you have a canopy and tent accessories, a trolley bag is not an optional accessory—it’s mandatory equipment. We offer durable premium canopy trolley bags with multiple compartments to make storing and transporting your canopy and tent accessories easy.

Make it easier to transport your equipment

With our heavy-duty premium trolley bag, its easier to transport your 10’x15′ tents, 10×10 tent, or 10×20 tent and accessories like clotheslines, stabilizing bars for the legs of your canopy (which are also known as leg weights), entry/exit guides (if you have a door on one side or both sides of your canopy), crossbars to keep the legs of your canopy stable, bar expander foam inserts (for added stability), and canopy/tent stakes.

Maximum protection of equipment

Although you can place your canopy and tent accessories in plastic bags to transport them around, they will not offer protection from weather, dust, or dirt. Our premium trolley bag for canopies and tents features durable 600D polyester material that protects your equipment whether it’s stored inside the house or outdoors. Our bags come in different sizes to suit your needs in the size of equipment you need to carry or store. It is also equipped with strong quick-release buckles and heavy-duty zippers.

In addition, our premium trolley bag for canopies and tents is equipped with a handle at the top of the bag for ease of carrying, as well as multiple compartments inside to make storing and transporting your items easier.

Because of the premium construction, our canopy trolley bag is easy to clean. You can simply wipe it down with a damp cloth from time to time. Also, for increased portability, you can easily fold and store your premium trolley bag in a closet or larger storage bin when not in use.

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Dimensions 1 × 0.16 × 0.16 ft