Pole Banners

30″ Wide Double Sided Pole Banner Only

Pole banners provide a wide range of benefits for advertising your brand or an event. These banners attach to any standard street light pole and are double sided, so they can be seen from either direction. Our 30” wide double sided pole banners are available without the hanging hardware kit so you can save money if you already own the necessary poles and mounting brackets. This is ideal if you use these banners often and don’t need to constantly purchase new hardware. If you do need to replace some of the mounting items, we can assist with that.


Our Largest Banners Offer Unparalleled Advertising Space

Our 30-inch-wide banner provides a large amount of space and is nearly double the size of our smallest 18” option. These banners can be as large as 96 inches tall, giving you a very large canvass for your content. We offer full-color edgeless printing, so the entire space can be taken up with colorful graphics and large, easily-readable text. All of our pole banners are printed with UV inks that do not fade or lose their vibrancy over time. The high-quality vinyl is incredibly durable and can withstand heavy winds, rain, snow, and other weather conditions. Some clients reuse these banners year after year, while others leave them up for months at a time. 


Get the Best Return on Your Advertising Investment

Marketing tools that you can use multiple times or that reach a large audience are going to give you a bigger return on your investment than short-term tools. These pole banners can be put up anywhere there’s a street light. In fact, you may even be able to attach them to other poles as well. This means you can advertise just about anywhere. They can be hung strategically to reach a large number of people, unlike billboards or banners you hang at your store. Street banners can even be reused year after year. Take a look at your options below and let us know if you have any questions.


Did you know street light banners (aka boulevard banners) are one of the most cost effective and successful ways to advertise? Whether it be for local businesses, parades, city events, malls, stadiums, or just décor, pole banners are sure to get you the business you need to help your sales and increase customer awareness of your brand or event.

Custom Light Pole Banner Features Include:
  • 18”, 24”, 30” inches wide. Heights available between 24” and 96”
  • High resolution Double Sided Graphics digitally printed at 720dpi
  • Hardware set includes 2 Fiberglass Arms, 2 Mounting Brackets and 4 Steel Bands
  • Waterproof and UV safe for outdoor installations, Wind slits available for increased lifetime Brass Grommets on each corner
  • 24-Hour Quick Turn Option
Material Options:
  • 18 oz. Blockout Vinyl Banner


Additional information

Dimensions 3.33 × 0.5 × 0.5 ft
Prepress Requirements:

Design/Scan artwork @ 1”=1’ (1/12 scale) size


Art must be submitted to scale with and equivalent of 100dpi at full size. (e.g. 10’ x 8’ banner Acceptable options- A: 120” x 96” @100dpi or B: 10”x8”@1200dpi)

Colorspace: CMYK
Specific Color Notes:

Black should be “Rich Black”: C:60M:60:Y60:K:100

Blues should have at least a 25% difference between Cyan and Magenta values

e.g C:100, M:75, Y:0, K:0. Less than a 25% different will result in a purple hue.

Spot Color:

Spot (PMS) colors can help in the design and printing process of your job, as spot (pms) colors can be referenced to a Pantone “Swatch Book”. We will print as close to designated colors as possible. It is important to note however that all printing is done in the Process color model using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black ink. Not all colors can be matched 100% in four-color process

Acceptable Formats: pdf, .tiff, .jpg., .ai, .eps

*If artwork does not meet requirements it will be either rejected or subject to prepress design fees. Note: All the software programs we use are latest edition.

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We take pride in our quick and high quality turn around time. Following the guidelines in this letter will help guarantee that your order will not be delayed in the pre-press process. Digital files are always preferred. By following the list below you will get the maximum quality out of your artwork.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-920-9527 or info@easyorderbanners.com
General Care

A little extra effort and care will help your banner last much longer. To clean a dirty vinyl banner, avoid using any chemical cleaning solutions - many chemicals will remove the ink. Water, mild soap, and a non-scratch cloth will work most of the time.

Don't throw away your shipping box when you receive your banner. Use it to store and protect your banner when not in use. When possible, always roll your banners up with the ink facing inward and store them in the box they arrived in. Keep the banners in a cool, dry place, and store the box vertically if possible. This will help keep the banners in their rolled position, preventing any creases that could occur by storing them on their sides. If you must fold, try to avoid ink-on-ink contact when folding your banners to avoid unwanted ink transfer. Never store your banner folded over with ink touching ink.

Care when Hanging Your Banner Outside

When hanging your vinyl banners outside, it's important to use the right materials. If using tie straps, make sure they are heavy duty. Bungees are also useful in windy places, as the corners of the sign will be less likely to tear. If wind is a big concern, we strongly recommend reinforced webbing around the perimeter to reinforce the mounting area where grommets are placed. Street banners require extra special mounting specifications, please download our
street banner installation diagram for details.

Care when Displaying Your Banner Inside

Using a telescoping banner stand is a great way to display your banner without damaging walls. Our Telescoping Banner Stands, are adjustable anywhere from 3' x 5' to 8' x 7' making it easy to reuse and fit almost any sign. We also offer Velcro stitched to the back side of the banner for invisible mounting. Rope tails can also be used to tie the banner off to an anchor point without damaging anything.