File Preparation

Easy Order Banners is proud to announce FREE, UNLIMITED STORAGE of all your art files! Just set up your online account or place your first order, and you’ll be able to store all your projects in one secure location. Access those files by logging into your account from anywhere!

We take pride in our quick and high quality turn around time. Following the guidelines in this letter will help guarantee that your order will not be delayed in the pre-press process. Digital files are always preferred. By following the list below you will get the maximum quality out of your artwork.

Prepress Requirements:
Design/Scan artwork @ 1”=1’ (1/12 scale) size
Resolution: Art must be submitted to scale with and equivilate of 100dpi at full size.
e.g. 10’ x 8’ banner Accpetable options- A: 120” x 96” @100dpi or B: 10”x8”@1200dpi
Colorspace: CMYK
Specific color notes: Black should be “Rich Black”: C:60M:60:Y60:K:100
Blues should have at least a 25% difference between Cyan and Magenta values
e.g C:100, M:75, Y:0, K:0. Less than a 25% different will result in a purple hue.
Spot Color: Spot (PMS) colors can help in the design and printing process of your job, as spot (pms) colors
can be referenced to a Pantone “Swatch Book”. We will print as close to designated colors as
possible. It is important to note however that all printing is done in the Process color model
using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black ink. Not all colors can be matched 100% in
four-color process
Acceptable Formats: .pdf, .tiff, .jpg., .ai, .eps
*If artwork does not meet requirements it will be either rejected or subject to prepress design fees.

Note: All the software programs we use are latest edition.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-920-9527 or

Thank you for your business!