EasyOrderBanners.com-  RETURN POLICY

Custom  banners, stickers, magnets, flags, tents, table throws, and any custom printed product (henceforth known as “signage”) cannot be returned if not deemed to be the fault of  EasyOrderBanners.com. The Buyer is responsible for ensuring all signage is met to their specifications. If there is a problem with your signage, please send an email to info@easyorderbanners.com.

If there are issues with your order, the discrepancy must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of your order. If the discrepancy is not reported within the allotted timeframe, EasyOrderBanners.com will not be liable.

If the mistake in the order was deemed to be the fault of EasyOrderBanners.com, the signage will be reprinted and shipped at our expense.

Banner Stands and Signage Hardware

Banner stands and Signage Hardware that is NOT custom made are individually checked for factory defects, damage, and/or missing parts. We strive to check and maintain a high quality of all hardware before they are received. If your hardware does not come with all of the necessary components, please notify us via email within 24-hours of receiving the package. We will mail out any required components.

If the hardware needs to be returned, all pieces must be returned in its original packaging within 72-hours. The buyer is responsible for all return shipping fees. The original shipping cost involved in shipping is not refundable.

A 10% restocking fee will apply if the item is not in returned with the original packaging.