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Mesh Banners

Custom Mesh Banners
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Outdoor Rated and Guaranteed to Last!

9 oz. Vinyl-Printed Signs - 9 oz. Mesh Banners - The Industry's Lowest Price on Custom Mesh Banners, as low as $1.75 psf! No size too large! Up to 16' Wide Seamless outdoor custom banners! Custom Mesh Banners from Easy Order Banners are Outdoor Rated and Guaranteed to Last! Call us today at 800-920-9527 for a custom sized mesh banner quote!

Mesh banner printing is ideal for windy outdoor conditions, these banners have tiny holes to allow air to flow through with minimal tension on the mounting points. The movement and resistance is greatly reduced, and the risk of wind tearing the material is minimized, making our custom mesh banners perfect for use on construction projects, scaffolding, or bridges where high wind conditions may be an issue.

Over 75% of the surface remains printable to allow for bright and vivid designs to be printed on the vinyl mesh banner material. These custom outdoor banners are the ultimate solution for windy conditions. After outdoor banner printing, we strongly recommend adding reinforced webbing to further strengthen the mounting points when using a grommet mounting system. We also offer D-rings with our mesh banner printed projects for those critical street banner installations.

Our dedicated Art Department will preview your art to make sure it will look the way you want it to or they can create the image for you, ensuring that you always get the look you want for your mesh banner. 

A quality mesh banner will use an outside hem to ensure that grommets are secured properly. Grommets are the metal eyelets that enable the banner to be hung on fence posts, walls, or on the side of buildings. In windy conditions, if grommets are not fastened into the hem of a vinyl banner, these grommets will easily tear out of the large mesh banner.

All of our mesh banners are made with a double stitched or heat welded hem, so the grommets are reinforced with 2 layers of PVC material. We also offer reinforced webbing, used to further strengthen the hemmed areas, especially for large banners in very windy conditions.


Q:  What other applications can Mesh Banners be used for?

A:  They are ideal in any situtaion for outdoor events where windy conditions are a concern.  Mesh is great for wall scapes, building banners, scaffolding banners, and barrier fences.  

Q:  Can mesh banners be hung against windows? 

A:  Yes, mesh allows natural light to come through windows while also maintaining a graphic visibility on the printed side. It works best when the back side is darker than the printed side.

Q:  Why mesh and not standard vinyl for windy situations?

A:  Mesh has tinyl holes to allow airflow through the material. This eliminates the need for wind slits that can breakup the image.

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Call us today at 800-920-9527 for a custom sized mesh banner quote!

We specialize in custom sizes and mounting options. We can do full color printing up to 16’ wide (seamless) and offer state of the art heat-welding processes for huge banners.

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9 oz Heavy Duty Mesh Banners 9 oz Heavy Duty Mesh Banners

The Industry's Lowest Price on Mesh Banner! Printed with the highest quality UV Inks, and using only the best materials, our Mesh Banners are Guaranteed to Last!

9 oz Heavy Duty Mesh Banner - Oversized (300+ sf) 9 oz Heavy Duty Mesh Banner - Oversized (300+ sf)

No size too large! Extra Large Mesh Banners Printed 16' Wide Seamless! Printed with UV inks to resist color fade. Easy Order Banners is an industry leader in large mesh banner printing.

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